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Calne Divers is a non profit voluntary organisation which was formed to bring fun, friendly yet professional dive training to Calne and the surrounding towns and villages. The club boasts a high number of qualified Dive Leaders and Open Water Instructors. More importantly though, we are an outgoing, collaborative organisation that enjoy our time out of the water as much as we do in it.

Anyone is welcome to join Calne Divers. We are more than happy to take on people who have never dived in their lives, just as we are happy to take on highly experienced divers. We make use of the local leisure centre pool to provide confined water training, and there are a number of large quarries nearby for those first nervous dives. And of course, don't forget the coast. It's not as expensive as you think (check out our costs). You don't need your own kit either, we can help with that too.

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